Using Bad Behavior To Prevent Spam

After reading “5 Tips on securing your WordPress blog from spam comments and pings,” at leftblank, I decided to try out Bad Behavior (although I think the correct way of spelling it is Bad Behaviour 😉 ), a plugin for WordPress which blocks detected spam bots from reaching the blog. So far the combination of Bad Behavior and Akismet is working amazingly well. Bad Behavior first turns away any spam bots, and Akismet catches any other spam that happens to trickle through.

Bad Behavior has blocked 627 access attempts in the last 7 days.

I haven’t even installed Bad Behavior for a week yet, and already it has made a noticible impact on the number of spam that I am receiving on the blog.

However, there is again a chance that a legitimate user is blocked by this plugin, but I surely hope that it won’t happen.

Changes to DennisTT.Net

I’ve made a few changes to DennisTT.Net.  I’ve gotten rid of Etomite, and so the blog (and site) is fully powered by WordPress.  The gallery has now been replaced with my Flickr account.  I hope to get a bit more integration between MyBB and WordPress in the next few weeks after my second set of exams are done.

Hacked? Not!

Sometime today a person found the WordPress install file that I accidentally left on the server and reinstalled WordPress for me without my permission. Fortunately nothing valuable was lost, and as you can see, the blog is back up and running as before. To whoever it was, thank you for reminding me to remove my WordPress install file.