Richmond driver crossing red light

For context, when the left turn lane (the lane I’m in) has the green left-turn light on, the opposing through traffic has a red light. For some reason the driver of the small grey hatchback has missed that (they probably looked at the green light of their left turn lane, although they should have also seen three red lights for the through traffic. As a result, they started driving into the intersection almost colliding with the car in the dual lane to my left. Always double check the proper traffic light for your lane. And scan the intersection for any Continue Reading

Respecting dual left turn lanes

Dual left turn lanes increase the left turn flow for busy roads, however also increases the chance of people doing unpredictable things. This isn’t the first time I’ve captured issues with dual left turn lanes. Last year I also captured someone cutting me off from the inside to outside lane at the same intersection. (coincidentally they are both dark coloured Range Rovers. Hmm.) When making a dual left turn lane, especially if you are the first person in line, please follow the guiding lane markers. And as a general learning point, always be aware of the other drivers around you Continue Reading

Richmond driver on the wrong side of the median

Not sure where they were trying to go, it seemed like they weren’t even aware they were going the wrong way until I turned into the lane. I’m not sure what a concrete lesson to be learned here would be as I didn’t see how the driver got into this lane; I guess it would be to be aware of the road in front of you or where you are turning into. From my end, it would be to also keep scanning the road past the turn for any obstacles.