The Sea to Sky Gondola

Gondola coming down the mountain

I last blogged about the Sea to Sky Gondola after its first incident where its haul rope was maliciously cut in the middle of the night. (It was also unfortunately cut a second time the following year, but fortunately, there have been no incidents since then.)

Despite being open on the Sea to Sky since 2014, I never found the opportunity to visit the attraction.

This Christmas season, Grouse Mountain gave its passholders a special perk: free admission to the Sea to Sky Gondola. This was due to a lack of snow on Grouse Mountain, where passholders would normally be happily skiing and snowboarding. I took advantage of this perk and finally found the time to ride the Sea to Sky Gondola and visit the summit.

For those interested in watching the entire gondola ride, here is the video:

The regular ticket prices to ride the gondola these days are in the range of $70. I don’t think I would have paid the full price to go up during this time, especially since there wasn’t much to do at the summit except walk the suspension bridge. The other winter summit activities, such as snowshoeing and tubing, were also closed due to a lack of snow. However, I can see its value as a tourist attraction during peak summer and winter weather, offering an easy escape into Mother Nature with picturesque viewpoints.


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