MyBB 1.2 Beta

Every few days I will post a screenshot of the MyBB 1.2 Beta for those of you who didn’t get invited into the beta group (or beta-testers who are still interested in looking at these screenshots). In case you miss one, they will be archived on my Flickr gallery.

June 28, 2006

A view of one of the new sections of the Admin CP. You can now add in your own custom MyCode (using Regex expressions) without having to use plugins.

Add MyCode screen

June 27, 2006

With the new reputation system, the reputation is user-based instead of post based. Now you can view a lot more detail about the reputations you and anyone else gets:

Reputation Report

June 26, 2006

The beta-testing will start in a few hours, so here’s a sneak peek of the new reputation system.

User CP Main Page

Adding Reputation