CPSC 430 – July 2, 2010

I’m currently taking CPSC 430 and one of the requirements is to keep a journal throughout the term. I will be blogging here my class notes, thoughts, and links as they come up that are relevant to the course material. Also, see the other posts in the CPSC 430 category.

Class notes for today:

  • Censorship – aka – auditing information, filtering/parsing, protecting people, limiting access, sanitization, giving people freedom to surf the internet without dangerous effects
  • – usually has negative connotations -> bias
  • 4 boxes – speech necessary to make change in society (American of course)
  • – soap box, ballot box, jury box, ammo box
  • – pre-internet view – e.g., blog viewed by millions may be more efficient than soap box
  • Lawrence Lessig – Canadian – influential on speech on internet
  • Freedom of Expression – broadcasting vs internet – you are broadcasted media regardless if you want it or not

In class there was an activity on where to draw the line for censorship.  Six scenarios were presented including personal, organizational, national, corporate, school, and home censorship.  The only scenario which brought up a significant discussion was organizational censorship.