CPSC 430 – July 16, 2010

I’m currently taking CPSC 430 and one of the requirements is to keep a journal throughout the term. I will be blogging here my class notes, thoughts, and links as they come up that are relevant to the course material. Also, see the other posts in the CPSC 430 category.

Class notes

  • Privacy
    • Already touched on trade secrets – must be kept private
    • Information – who, how it’s obtained, how it’s used
    • Access to information
      • Physical proximity
      • Edmund Byrne – “zone of inaccessibility”
      • Edward Bloustein – violations are an affront to human dignity
    • What happened to community? – larger families, neighbours, friends, etc
      • After 1950, 2nd world war -> smaller families – nuclear families
        • Too much privacy – e.g., suburbs
    • Harm – cover for illegal/immoral activities
    • Benefits – individual growth, psychological feeling that we aren’t being constantly watched
    • Natural right?
      • Celebrities – paparazzi – legal or illegal – e.g., public space ok.
        • Trade offs when being celebrity – can’t be celebrity here but not in other circumstances
    • 3 key aspects
      • freedom from intrusion
      • control of info
      • freedom from surveillance
    • Computers – easier, cheaper, faster to access data
    • Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms
      • Right? Not really
      • Should have security against unreasonable search/seizure
      • Life, liberty, and security of a person
    • Invisible information gathering
      • E.g., waiver for a marathon -0 need to enter in phone, address, etc.
    • 10 Principles of Model Code (from Privacytown)
      • developed by Canadian government/Industry Canada to make things smoother for business
    • PIPEDA – promote consumer trust in online/databases
    • Use of data
      • Data mining – finding patterns , matching databases and profiling
      • Detecting fraud
      • Finding terrorists
    • Generation Y
      • Care less about privacy
    • Kyllo vs. U.S.
      • Thermal imaging devices to search inside home
      • Need special technology, not normal usage, similar to physical intrusion
      • As technology becomes more mainstream, laws may change
    • R. vs. Tessling


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