MyBB 1.2 Beta: Usergroup Admin Permissions

Although this feature may not be used by many, it is now possible to give usergroups permissions in the Admin CP (only if the usergroup has “Can Access Admin CP” permission).

MyBB 1.2 Beta: Admin Permissions

When you edit the permissions, the permissions listed are the same as the ones found in the existing individual user admin permissions.

How do these affect my admins, you ask? Well now let’s say you want your moderators to access the Admin CP to moderate posts and attachments, but you don’t want to set the individual yes/no permissions for all 20 of them. Now you can set the usergroup permissions to all ‘no’ except for the Moderate Posts/Threads/Attachments permission, and all the users in that usergroup will have those permissions.

Basically, if a user’s individual admin permissions are set, those will be used. If they are not set, then if the user’s usergroup has admin permission set, those will be used. In turn, if they are not set, then the user will use the default admin permissions.

Hopefully it’s not confusing for everyone.