We’re ditching MyBB!

Here is the outcome of one of our shortest MyBB developer meetings:

[22:45:13] Chris says: okay
[22:45:15] Chris says: we’re ditching mybb
[22:45:18] Dennis says: yeah
[22:45:23] Peter says: sure
[22:45:24] Dennis says: ok
[22:45:25] Peter says: 😛
[22:45:26] Dennis says: agreed
[22:45:30] Chris says: alright, glad thats resolved
[22:45:33] Dennis says: bye
[22:45:37] Peter says: bye, lol
[22:45:47] Chris says: cya

No we were just kidding 😉 Anyway, I’ve got part of my SVN back up, and I’ve started committing a little bit, after having no commits for who knows how long. I still have a lot of stuff to study for, as you can see from my last two blog posts, so MyBB development will be slow for me until the mock exams are over at least. In the near future, I foresee several more people being brought on board the MyBB team, and that would definitely speed things up around here, in terms of support and development.

Anyway, the ideas for MyBB 1.1-1.2 are great. There’s a new post parser class as some of you found out from certain attachments being leaked on the Community forums ;), and a lot of other stuff being planned. I hope to start working on a language panel for the Admin CP, since that would make life a lot easier if you wanted to change a certain phrase. I can’t wait for AJAX to be implemented into MyBB, and I think that will be in 1.2 as well (it’s not my area of specialty…yet :P)

Anyway, look out for things to come, from the MyBB dev team!

MyBB Development Update

MyBB development is going slowly (at least for me right now since it’s a busy time for me). It’s great that Kilroy has recently joined our team. Hopefully we can push MyBB 1.0 out the door sooner, since we started beta testing PR1 in the early months of this year.

Chris showed me the layout of the new Admin CP design that will be included in the next version of MyBB after 1.0, and I assure you it looks very good. I can’t wait for it to be released and I’m sure you can’t too.