MyBB 1.2 Beta: Translation Manager

Another of my Admin CP addons: The Translation Manager. This is also known as the “Language Packs” section, “Language Editor”, and other variations). It allows administrators with the new permission “Can Manage Languages” to edit each individual language variable in each language file, and also the properties of the language. Below is a screenshot of the main page:

MyBB 1.2 Language Editor: Main Screen

There are two menus for each language. One menu allows you to choose the method of editing the language variables. The other menu allows you to perform operations on the language pack as a whole. Currently the only operation is editing the properties of the language pack, as shown below:

MyBB 1.2 Language Editor: Edit Language Properties

However, the editing of language variables is the best part of this utility. You can either edit languages by itself, or “with another language.” This allows translators (and anyone else) to compare two language packs, for example, the English translation with the translator’s language pack. First, a file must be chosen to be edited:

MyBB 1.2 Language Editor: Choose File

Below are two screenshots of the editor itself: one in single-mode, and one in dual-mode (comparing English to my test language pack).

MyBB 1.2 Language Editor: Edit Language File Dual-mode MyBB 1.2 Language Editor: Edit Language File Single-mode

I hope this feature will benefit both translators and administrators when editing language files. This makes it easy for any administrator to change the format of the emails, the registration agreement, and any other text in MyBB. Very flexible eh?

A technical note: The language folders and files must be CHMODed so that the web-server can write to it. If the files are not editable, a notice will be shown and administrators will not be able to save their changes.