Nearly a month has passed from my first day at UBC. Maybe it’s this MWF/TuTh schedule thing that makes time pass by so much faster. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” as Mr. Picard used to say, but the past month hasn’t been all fun; rather, it has been a lot of textbook reading (obviously), and a lot of note-taking (duh), and a lot of walking between buildings (evil 10 minute break to walk from Dempster Pavilion [computer science lecture] to the Mathematics building [roughly 900m apart + intelligently moving obstacles]).

One month into the start of the year and the midterms are around the corner.  Everything’s so much different than high-school.  Everything is at a much larger scale.  I miss the “exam dividers” when I write quizzes in the lecture rooms.

I guess I better get back to studying.