The Heartbleed vulnerability has been all over the news this past week. As usual, the media sometimes twists the facts, sometimes intentionally, other times inadvertently. For example, I’ve heard Heartbleed being called a virus, or being framed as something that was deliberately created to be malicious.  Also, from reading people’s comments on the online news articles and blog posts, it seems that many people don’t really understand what Heartbleed is or does.  From my point of view as a software developer, I would like to provide some information and resources that I believe are true and report the facts (but Continue Reading

Sweeping the disks

Every now and then it’s necessary to make some extra room on the disks. I’ve found a set of free tools that helps me see what is taking up all the space. JDiskReport (Multi-platform) JDiskReport presents multiple views for getting the statistics of file sizes. The default view is a pie chart showing the sizes of each of the subfolders in the current selected folder. Alternate views are included to determine the file types that use the most space, largest files in the entire tree, file size and file age. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and other Java-supported Continue Reading