MyBB 1.2 Beta: Multi-quoting

I’m going to be posting this series of screenshots in new posts now.

One of the new features of MyBB 1.2 is multi-quoting. This function allows you to select as many posts as you want, from a one or more threads, and have them all ‘pre-quoted’ in the message box when creating a new thread or reply.

The following screenshot shows the postbit. The multi-quote button is the one to the right of the “Reply” button (which was “Quote” before 1.2). (The postbit display of the new reputation system is also shown here)

Selecting Multiquote Replies

The screenshot below shows the new reply page with the selected quotations pre-quoted.

Multi-quote new reply screen

3 Replies to “MyBB 1.2 Beta: Multi-quoting”

  1. and have them all โ€˜pre-quotedโ€™ in the message box when creating a new thread or reply.

    LIES! It only puts them in new replys. I suggested that there be a system similar to what we have when you have posts selected outside of the thread for new threads, where it shows a message asking if you want to add them or deselect them… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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