Poor camera :(

I found out today that the LCD screen on my digital camera had cracked. Now all that shows up are blobs of black and purple on a white background. *sigh* I’ve learned my lesson: Protect the LCD screen with more than a piece of plastic and carry it in a case. Perhaps one from ‘da Products will work better in the future. I read a thread about people complaining about the delicate nature of the LCD on Canon digital cameras. On the model I have, there is no built-in hard protector between the LCD and the environment. In my opinion, it should come with one as the LCD is fragile and an expensive part to be replaced. Canon probably makes a lot of money replacing screens for people as it seems to be quite a common issue. Anyone have past experience with Canon or cracked LCDs?
As for my provincial exam results…heh…let’s just say I made a stupid choice of exams to write.

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