All hail Akismet

Akismet has caught 5,742 spam for you since you first installed it.

Akismet has done a great job catching spam on my website. I usually check Akismet once a week or so, and in the past there has been around a hundred, but now every time I check I’m getting upwards to 500 or 600, and obviously I don’t have the time to sit here and look at all the comments linking to pharmaceutical products, real-estate ads, and others…well…you probably know anyway since spam affects most people who use an email address.

Point is, I don’t really have the patience to fish out your 1 post that went into the spam out of 500 spam messages, so if you don’t see your post up here after a week or so, please repost it, and send me an email.

I’m thinking perhaps installing a CAPTCHA image or maybe a simple “mathematical skill testing question” (perhaps both?) to reduce the amount of spam that actually gets into the Akismet spam-box. Don’t worry, the skill-testing question won’t require university-level calculus so you kids out there don’t panic 🙂


3 thoughts on “All hail Akismet

  1. Perhaps you could ask what are the first five digits of pi. 😛


    Or ask them to copy some text from a link that you provide.

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