A screenshot of Google Chrome
A screenshot of Google Chrome

I have been using Google Chrome for six months and so far it has been an awesome.  It beats any other browser I have run on my laptop in terms of speed.  Opening a tab on Chrome takes less than a second whereas on IE sometimes it hangs up to 15 seconds before a new tab is usable.  Pages load many times faster.  The memory footprint is much nicer than FireFox.

Chrome gives me a lot more viewing space.  No toolbars for stuff I don’t need.  A status bar only appears in the corner when information is presented.  No title bar is shown; just the tab bar which has the title of the page anyway.

The single address bar makes combines searching the web, entering an address, and recalling bookmarks all in one.  Also the start page with a “most visited” listing which resembles the Opera speed dial updates by itself depending on the sites you visit most often.

The only minor issue that I have encountered with Chrome is that some sites are still not rendered correctly (possibly not a Chrome problem, but a HTML, CSS, or JavaScript problem).  Another issue is that since browser updates are installed automatically sometimes a “bad apple” release is pushed out without me knowing.  This happened late last year when a release of Chrome crashed every time I tried to open a drop down menu.

So yes overall Chrome has been and will be my browser of choice for normal web-surfing.  Speed is the main selling point for me, and so far Chrome trumps all the other browsers in that category.


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  1. I also switched to Google chrome not too long ago. Its way faster than any browser i have ever used. Some first time users may find chrome basic compared to other browsers but it gets to the point, just browsing the web fast without un-needed features such as toolbars.

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