How many monitors is enough?

Someday I’d like a room like this: 🙂


Mitch Hailes Office
Mitch Haile's Office

The details of the office can be found on his site.  Six monitors, three computers in the office, and more in the network closet.

I currently have 2 monitors on my desk plus my laptop.  In addition I have a desktop computer under my desk.

How many monitors/computers do you have on your desk?


6 thoughts on “How many monitors is enough?

  1. Currently i have a laptop with a 20″ monitor plugging to it using extended desktop…

    I also have a 17″ long monitor that is connected to a server, and my friend has a laptop and a 18″ monitor on it as well 😛

  2. I have 3 monitors and that is really enough. nice picture you got, what a sight haha..

    Btw your blog is quite interesting, I like the way you write.

  3. Two is enough for me. I like to have one for active documents, the other for reference material. Any more than that and I suspect they would just gather dust or be a little overwhelming.

    That said, it depends on the set-up. There are several multi screen support systems available and not everyone has the same requirements. But for me at least, two monitors is enough.

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