CPSC 430 – June 30, 2010

I’m currently taking CPSC 430 and one of the requirements is to keep a journal throughout the term. I will be blogging here my class notes, thoughts, and links as they come up that are relevant to the course material. Also, see the other posts in the CPSC 430 category.

Class Notes for today:

  • Kantianism – duty to respect others as rational beings
  • Utilitarianism – consequences
  • Social contract – collective rights
  • Can mix duties, rights, consequences when evaluating
  • Bayesian filters – similarity
    • Can detect “huge profits” ~ “massive profits”
    • Synonyms
  • Grey listing – send “please send later” to spammer.
    • Disadvantages for spammer – resource constraints to remember who to resend to
      • Time to get tracked down in between sending many mail
  • SPF – Sender Policy Framework – Sender ID
  • DKIM – DomainKeys Identified Mail
  • SPF and DKIM checks authenticity of sender
  • SPF/DKIM trust on domain name (costs $ to register)
    • Layered on top of DNS
  • SPF record checked by receiver whether to block or not
    • Sending is still unrestricted
  • Honey pots – e.g., Gmail “+blah” disposable email addresses
    • Mechanisms for detecting examples of spam

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