CPSC 430 – July 5, 2010

I’m currently taking CPSC 430 and one of the requirements is to keep a journal throughout the term. I will be blogging here my class notes, thoughts, and links as they come up that are relevant to the course material. Also, see the other posts in the CPSC 430 category.

  • IP (intellectual property) – any product of human intellect that has commercial value
  • IP != its physical manifestation
  • Property rights –based on culture – e.g., western more individual, first nations more communal
    • “manifest destiny” – in US – expansion east to west + make use of natural resources
    • old fashioned view = Locke – pioneering – can claim property from nature through own labour as long as left over + not more than one can use
  • Open source based on altruism – personal sacrifice for good
    • How higher education research supposed to be based, but more recently focusing on capitalizing on IP
  • Congress strikes compromise by IP copyright for limited time before public domain
    • Society benefits from PD
  • Trade secrets – not legally protected (most likely use NDA, etc)
  • Trade Mark / Service Mark – establish a brand name – does not expire
  • Patent – invention ~20 years
    • Takes years to grant – “patent pending”
  • Copyright
    • Creep – now copyrighted stuff will not be PD in our lifetimes

In the group activity today our group answered the question of whether the fair use rules are fair in themselves.  We came to the conclusion that the four deciding factors are the best that we have so far (which is why we are still using them).  In addition they to strike a reasonable balance between the copyright holder, the public as users and the potential market value.

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