CPSC 430 – July 7, 2010

I’m currently taking CPSC 430 and one of the requirements is to keep a journal throughout the term. I will be blogging here my class notes, thoughts, and links as they come up that are relevant to the course material. Also, see the other posts in the CPSC 430 category.

  • Censorship
    • Situation in Burma improved since book publication – reasonably priced internet, but slow.
      • Burma VJ movie
    • Circumvention
      • Proxy, VPN – but hard to obtain from inside the country
      • Tor, darknet
      • Steganography – concealed writing in images/audio.
      • Chinese vertical text (while filter reads horizontally)
      • Obfuscation
  • Fair use
    • 4 factors (purpose/character of use, nature of use, amount, affect on market)
    • courts ultimately decide whether fair use or not
    • space shifting (MP3 players) ok by court
    • utilitarian perspective
  • New restrictions on use
    • DMCA
      • Illegal to circumvent encryption schemes even for fair use
      • Takedown notices easier to force people to remove content
    • DRM
      • Encryption/watermarks – SDMI
      • Fight for DRM not worth it by companies like iTunes
  • P2P
  • Protections for software development
    • Development in “clean room” (two teams, one team research potential product based on existing products, other team makes it with no knowledge of existing products)
  • Open source
    • Provides source code to all, with no discrimination
    • TCO – total cost of ownership – MS argues TCO for their server is less than OS server because less cost to setup and maintain
  • Software Licenses
    • Difference between gratis vs libre
      • $0 vs free speech

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