TOK Essay…Done!

Wednesday February 15th: TOK Essay: Done! Completed! Finished! No more drafts! Yay! (Not that much work needed to be done on it, but it just feels good to have finished something else towards my IB diploma :P)

Next up: Geography field study! (Geography > History). The data we got from our study was… weird… but the upside to that is we’ll have lots to write for the Sources of Error and Evaluation of Technique. Well I guess that’s what we get when we rely on everyone in the class gathering data, and consequently have to ‘assume’ the data is ‘correct.’ The word limit is 2500 words. Such a short essay compared to my Geo EE of 4000 words, and I could have went on past 4000 words on my EE >.> But then my EE was on too broad of a topic, which probably wasn’t a good thing. I guess that’s why I could have went on and on.

TOK presentation next week. No idea what to do. Have to write a script soon…

IB on Ice

I think this was one of the more fun mandatory-fun events (in the IB program, there are many extra sessions and events that are mandatory, and hence called “mandatory fun”). Haven’t skated for few years and I found out I can still skate, barely, in the forward direction :). Ok so yes I did learn figure skating before, but that was when I was young and I’ve lost most if not all or my figure-skating skills since then.

Bad points:

  • Skate rentals take way too long, and they should keep their skates sharpened
  • Time on ice was too short
  • Going around in one direction is boring

Good points:

  • I finally did get on the ice with decent skates
  • Pizza
  • Does this count for active CAS hours?

Anyway, it was a great way to end the week, and thanks to IB Council for organizing the event.

If I learned one thing useful from the IB mock exams…

…it would be to read the data/information booklet. The math mock exam was interesting. Six questions in one hour. Seems easy enough…only if I had the sense to read the information booklet, which contained some formulae which I could have used on the exam. I looked at the booklet after the exam ended, which was very stupid of me.

Anyway, all mock exams completed! Yay! Now back to weeks of classes! Yay!

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