Chinese Characters App

I took the “Chinese Written Characters” course at Langara College in 2018 which introduced about 250 basic Chinese characters and radicals. I had a hard time studying and learning the characters, so I created this app which made it easy for me to flip through the characters I was learning, and to quiz myself.




This was my first time writing a cross platform mobile app in Xamarin Forms. I found that it was generally easy to work with, especially how easy it was to build and test using the iOS simulator and Android emulator. Some gotchas I came across were that I got some weird build errors when compiling the release builds, and some of the most prominent tutorials on common app topics were written for old versions of Xamarin. Luckily, neither of these were too frustrating, and the time savings of writing the app for both iOS and Android at the same time still was a great benefit.

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