iTMAC is an app for iOS devices that simulates a TMAC (Transit Management and Communication System) panel found on buses in the Metro Vancouver region.

Typical daytime panel
Night panel

How to get iTMAC

At this point in time, iTMAC is only available for Vancouver transit enthusiasts who I know. iTMAC is not distributed through the App Store. I need your device UDID so that I can tell Apple to allow you to run my app on your device (if you want to read up on this process, search up “iOS adhoc distribution”). To get your UDID, you will need to find it through iTunes and send it to me (use the contact form if you don’t have my email).  Once I have your UDID, I will set it up with Apple and re-export the app so that the app will be able to be run on your device. You can then download and install iTMAC by opening this link from Safari on your device: Download & Install



  • Play canned announcements
  • Tweets from @translink with #RiderAlert get displayed as Message alerts.
  • Your own tweets tagged with #iTMAC get displayed as Message alerts (set this up in your general device settings)
  • “Logging into” a trip, GPS tracking with announcements
  • Selecting arbitrary destination signs
  • Night panel

In the works:

  • No new features planned at the moment.
  • Android version

Technical Details

iTMAC is written in Objective-C using the iOS SDK. It integrates with Twitter natively using the Twitter framework in iOS5.

Other Info

More about the real TMAC system can be found at the following sites:

2 thoughts on “iTMAC (iOS)

    1. Logins are faked. Status info, no. I have some things in the Test functions menu, not anything related to the real one though. Try to guess the service password. Hint: it’s 5 digits.

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