Anyone can drive fast, but merging is a skill

It’s one thing to know how to step on the accelerator pedal, but it’s another to know how to effectively merge into another lane… This driver of the big white truck that zooms by in the right lane leaves themselves no room to merge when they reach the parked car ahead. Merging works best when matching the speed of other traffic, not too fast, not too slow (or worst, when stopped).

Blessing of cars and a pledge for safe driving

This weekend was the closest to the feast day of St. Christopher (July 25), the patron saint of travelers. It is a tradition at St. Anthony of Padua parish to pray the following Pledge for Safe Driving and to bless people’s cars with holy water after Mass. Pledge for Safe Driving Lord Jesus, You teach us to love others as you love. Help me to drive safely and responsibly: avoiding dangerous acts while driving such as texting, making phone calls, speeding excessively and driving impaired. Please give me the grace to be courteous and kind, and to use my car Continue Reading

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