mIRC scripting

mIRC scripts can be helpful in many ways. They can do almost anything from hosting simple IRC games, to keeping PM spam out, to protecting the user and channel. Scripted correctly, most of them don’t cause any annoyance or frustration. Scripted incorrectly, they can prove to be quite hilarious to watch 🙂 [16:22:54] (&Tikitiki) !down [16:22:54] * Q sets mode: -ao Tikitiki Tikitiki [16:22:55] * Q sets mode: +o Tikitiki [16:22:55] * Q sets mode: +a Tikitiki [16:22:57] (&Tikitiki) try banning me now [16:22:58] (&Tikitiki) omg [16:23:00] (&Tikitiki) STUPID SCRIPT [16:23:01] (&Tikitiki) rofl [16:23:14] * Tikitiki sets mode: -a Tikitiki Continue Reading

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