Where’s Dennis?

Followers of the MyBB Community Forums will have noted that my presence on the forums has been limited in the past two weeks. Readers of my blog will also note that I haven’t posted here in a very very very long time, and since I am on vacation I have a bit of time to leave a note here :).

Where am I? Hint: I am plotting evil strategies for MyBB to take over the world with Peter. (Just kidding, but I am relatively near where Peter’s studying)

When? Now!

Who? Me!

Why? Err…to have fun?

What am I doing? Visiting family, doing normal vacation stuff.

Unfortunately I don’t have a steady internet connection over here. This vacation coupled with my study in the past few months means I haven’t been able to work on MyBB much. But fortunately Chris, Tikitiki, Justin and the other staff have been working hard on maintaining the MyBB 1.2.x series and also developing 1.4.0 (I can’t wait to see all the features they have added in the past 20 days; too bad I can’t show you everything we’ve got so far, but some of the major new features have been blogged already 😛 ). After the 20th I’ll be back at home and I’ll be working on MyBB once again, but I need to get up to speed to what the team’s been doing for the past few months since so much has changed in MyBB since the 1.2.x series. I’m happy to see that many suggestions from the community (and also some of mine yay!) have been implemented already. This reinforces one of our goals which is to make the software something that the community wants to use, not just for our own benefit.

Anyway that’s all from here.  My next blog post will probably from home sweet home 🙂