WFH Desk Bike – Flexispot v9

I have been working primarily from home since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, and with our company moving to remote-first work permanently since last year, I’ve been looking for ways to improve my quality of life in my work-from-home environment. Check out the #wfh tag for posts about my other work-from-home equipment.

One of the issues with working from home is less opportunities for physical activity: I used to easily complete my 10k steps a day when I needed to work at the office. However, with my office only 15 steps away, this is much harder to complete nowadays.

After looking at various exercise options, I decided to go for the Flexispot v9 Desk Bike. I admit it’s a pretty expensive option for an exercise bike as it , but with a Black Friday discount and using my fitness reimbursement benefit from work, the price I ended up spending was pretty reasonable.

Flexispot v9 Desk Bike
My workstation with the bike underneath. I’m not the most tidy at cable management.

This thing is pretty solidly built. It is heavier than it looks (89 lbs according to the specs), yet it doesn’t take up that much space; it doesn’t take up too much space in my apartment. The wheels make it easy to roll around from room to room, but they also lock in place when you are sitting on it. For me, the benefit of this is that I can also roll it under my normal work desk and so I can do some cycling while working at my normal workstation. Alternatively I can roll it into the living room and have some exercise while watching TV.

The seat is adjustable in height, and the desk is also adjustable in height and also front/back position so that you can position the desk ergonomically and comfortably.

The resistance of pedaling is magnetic, which is good that it is silent and doesn’t spin any wheels that kick up all the dust. However, I think one of the drawbacks is that the resistance is pretty weak. I usually have it at about 6-8 so that I feel a little bit of a workout and it’s not just spinning the wheel. The bike also keeps track of some basic stats such as timer, speed, calories burned, etc. Nothing fancy in this department. On the top there’s also a cup holder, but I wouldn’t really trust it to hold anything open as it’s very shallow.

I don’t really do much exercise like go to the gym or anything, so all in all I think the Flexispot v9 Desk Bike is a good way to at least keeping me moving a bit while working from home. The cost is a bit steep at the regular price, but it’s pretty solid and feels like something that can last for a long time. I’ve had it for just over half a year and I’m happy that I got it.

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