Christmas Season Update

Well it has been a long time since I’ve posted something on my blog. I hope I did well on my TOK essay, since I spent my birthday on it >.> Anyway, term 1 has since ended and I have my report card. Some teachers have the weirdest way of making term marks, and certain others give term marks without returning any assignments back to us. Anyway the last two weeks of school of 2005 proved to be as hectic as usual (what’s new?). The two days after my birthday was spent working on another TOK thing (Socrates Café). We basically pulled an all-nighter Thursday night/Friday morning to complete that Socrates Café, but at least we got it done. Our presentation went fine I guess…nothing went horribly wrong at least. What a way to end a week.

The next week was much easier. The only major assignment that was due was that dam assignment (… water dams, if you were wondering… :p ).  Had a bit of time to relax after TOK essay and Socrates Café the previous week. Not a bad week for our Big Bang Science Journal work-sessions. However, we managed not to finish on Friday night. We had a whole week…and at the end we got kicked out at 10pm and didn’t have all the final pages printed. Soo…long night editing and checking that the finals were publishable. Then waking up early on Saturday to go to school to photocopy all that stuff, and that took a good few hours to do. So…at the end nearly half the weekend allocated to Big Bang. If only the junior editors were so dedicated…:P…but they will be [forced to] next year after we retire so no worries about that.

The last week of school was especially packed with stuff to do: Monday – 3 Physics labs; Tuesday – La Bagosse; Wednesday – Physics test; Thursday – Math Portfolio; Friday – Geography Fraser River Project. I really don’t think that physics labs are difficult to do. The only problem with them is figuring out WHAT to do, and then taking the TIME to do all the work. Math portfolio…didn’t really seem that difficult this time. I thought that this one was easier to do than the one about matrices last year.

That Geography project was just horrible, although we had a group of four people. Another team member and I spent most of the hours afterschool at Central Library finishing the written parts of the project to ensure that the written portion of the project would be complete. Thank God we finished most of the stuff then because if we waited for the other group members Friday morning, our project would consist of less than half of what was expected from the criteria. In fact, we didn’t actually finish in Geography class either. We had to track down a certain group member after school for an hour in order to ensure that our project was handed in. Really, one would hope that all IB students would have the sense and responsibility to hand in a group project and not wait until after Christmas break to deal with it. Anyway, another lesson learned about working with certain people, and hopefully this doesn’t happen again to any of our other group projects.

The Winter Assembly, a yearly tradition held on the last day of school before winter break, was fine. I think the administration got what they wanted by breaking up the grades so that the grades couldn’t break off into a rally. Our class ended up sitting on a bench at the side of the gym, which was at least better than sitting on the floor. The choir should have been amplified–couldn’t hear much from them. The people cheering on the balcony above while the choir was performing were louder than the choir. However, the performance by Bruce and the Bulldogs was really loud (as usual, what’s new?). Should have brought earplugs…. 12 Days of Christmas lacked the spirit from the previous years especially at the beginning. Finally at the end some people got the idea… then others just didn’t have the spirit (including me after working on all the projects during the week).

Anyway, on Sunday I went to my cousin’s wedding. The weather was great, and we were up on Burnaby Mountain and the view was awesome, not to mention the food and entertainment was great as well! There couldn’t have been a better day.


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