MsgPlus wins over Microsoft Antispyware

Although I don’t use Microsoft Antispyware, I am a big fan of MsgPlus and I have been using it since the late versions of MsgPlus 1. It’s great to see the MsgPlus community bunching up and convincing the Microsoft Antispyware team to think second thoughts about blocking MsgPlus. Patchou, the developer behind MsgPlus, has done a great job developing one of, if not the most popular addon to MSN Messenger. If you haven’t tried MsgPlus, I recommend you try it immediately: It will definitely improve your MSN Messenger experience.

Gmail Aliases

I just found about Gmail aliases today (I know I know, some of you have known about this for years 😉 ) from this blog post. It seems like an interesting feature that Gmail should advertise on their front page since I’m sure many people would find this useful.