Happy April Fool’s Day

Today I pranked people who surf my T-Comm site every day looking for “special sightings” of buses that are assigned to routes which they normally aren’t assigned.  I swapped buses around such as putting articulated (long) buses on regular routes, changing the types of buses on particular routes, etc.  It turns out that what caught more attention was the fact that my ‘backup’ buses in the D40LF and LFS range were being randomly assigned as cover for buses that were already swapped, rather than the actual swaps that I had intended. Here are some screenshots of some of the swapped Continue Reading

DennisTT.Net 10 years old

It’s hard to believe I’ve had this domain name for 10 years! Although I only got the domain in 2004, my first websites date back in 1999-2000 using services like Netscape Websites and Angelfire, and when <blink>, <marquee> and animated GIFs were the craze. I created this blog back in my high school days, before the time of Twitter (now most of my day-to-day spam is there instead… :P).  That was the time while I was in IB, started transit-fanning, and developed MyBB.  Over the decade, some things have changed, some things haven’t.  I’ve since graduated from university, became a Continue Reading

Life of a new graduate

It’s the end of one era and a beginning of another.  Three weeks ago, I (finally) graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, marking the end of my undergraduate student career.  Although it took six years, I think it was worth the time, especially the co-op work terms I did.  After all, it was my last co-op term at A Thinking Ape that got me my full-time position there. I just finished my second week at A Thinking Ape, and so far it has been a blast.  The company doubled its size since I co-oped there last year and now Continue Reading

Where’s Dennis?

Followers of the MyBB Community Forums will have noted that my presence on the forums has been limited in the past two weeks. Readers of my blog will also note that I haven’t posted here in a very very very long time, and since I am on vacation I have a bit of time to leave a note here :). Where am I? Hint: I am plotting evil strategies for MyBB to take over the world with Peter. (Just kidding, but I am relatively near where Peter’s studying) When? Now! Who? Me! Why? Err…to have fun? What am I doing? Continue Reading