DennisTT.Net 10 years old

It’s hard to believe I’ve had this domain name for 10 years!

DennisTT.Net Domain Whois

Although I only got the domain in 2004, my first websites date back in 1999-2000 using services like Netscape Websites and Angelfire, and when <blink>, <marquee> and animated GIFs were the craze.

I created this blog back in my high school days, before the time of Twitter (now most of my day-to-day spam is there instead… :P).  That was the time while I was in IB, started transit-fanning, and developed MyBB.  Over the decade, some things have changed, some things haven’t.  I’ve since graduated from university, became a more active Catholic, and am still a transit fan and code monkey.

Here are some posts from the past 10 years that I’ve found interesting after looking back:


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