And it starts all over again…

It feels like September again, except I know where the buildings are.  Time to memorize a new timetable and remember not to follow the old timetable.  Can’t say much about the courses yet, after attending only the first class.
New Year’s Resolution: Sleep earlier, wake up earlier.

I cross-post my blog on Xanga and now also on Facebook because everybody seems to be addicted to it now :P.  I wonder what will be next…hopefully not MySpace.

What’s happening?

Dennis has completed his computer science final exam (last Thursday), chemistry final exam (yesterday), and English final exam (today).

Dennis is currently studying for his math final exam (tomorrow) and his biology final exam (next Monday).

Dennis just realized he’s more than half way done final exams.  Yay!

Dennis goes back to study.


When I first read one of the recent e-Strategy Updates at UBC with the title starting with “A Better Vista…” I thought it was announcing the computer’s operating system upgrade to Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows Vista. But instead something, much more useful than Windows Vista, was to be upgraded: WebCT (the “learning management system” at UBC). In this term, three (and a half) of my classes had a WebCT homepage, and I found it very useful to be able to get lecture outlines, practice exams, post on the bulletin board, and other helpful material, but there was only one problem:


That yellow box saying “Performance May be Slower Due to Higher Usage” showed up regularly during the evening hours when everyone is on trying to get on there to do one thing or another. During the daytime during these final exams days, this message is almost constantly there (or on “Normal usage,” but never saying “Low usage” unless you go on at 3am in the morning)
Hopefully this WebCT Vista will be much more powerful than the existing WebCT and will be able to handle almost a thousand of us users at one time, so it won’t take a minute to load each page anymore.

Side note: Did you know WebCT was originally created by a UBC Computer Science faculty member?

That white stuff that falls from the sky

What seemed to be impossible occurred today:

UBC Vancouver is currently experiencing a campus-wide power outage. All UBC Vancouver classes are cancelled for Mon. Nov. 27.

Yay time to rewrite English presentation, prepare chem lab, finish computer science assignment and study for finals 🙂


Nearly a month has passed from my first day at UBC. Maybe it’s this MWF/TuTh schedule thing that makes time pass by so much faster. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” as Mr. Picard used to say, but the past month hasn’t been all fun; rather, it has been a lot of textbook reading (obviously), and a lot of note-taking (duh), and a lot of walking between buildings (evil 10 minute break to walk from Dempster Pavilion [computer science lecture] to the Mathematics building [roughly 900m apart + intelligently moving obstacles]).

One month into the start of the year and the midterms are around the corner.  Everything’s so much different than high-school.  Everything is at a much larger scale.  I miss the “exam dividers” when I write quizzes in the lecture rooms.

I guess I better get back to studying.