Two down, four to go

I completed the Physics and English mock exams today. Mr. Barois gave us the May 2005 IB exam to do (surprise surprise), and certain people during the break were previewing the answers to the Paper 2 on their laptop computer. In my opinion, that just completely defeats the purpose of a mock exam though, cheating in that way, not just having an unfair advantage over everyone else. The Paper 1 part was fine I guess, since it involved more of the theory than doing calculations. However, I screwed up the Paper 2, and left many blank.

English was fine, in fact, I think I had too much time. For once in my whole high-school career, I actually spent time planning my essay. I wrote on topic 3A which was about the setting of The Storyteller and how they are more of the plot at the end than they first appear. At first I thought it would be an easy topic to write on, but then later on coming up with coherent ideas was more of a challenge.

Anyway, I’ve only got 4 to go (most of the other IB people have 5 — hahaha), and my next exam is Wednesday morning, which means I have more time to study! Yay!


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