Steve Jobs’ Clicker

Steve Job's PerfectCue clicker
The interesting box on the A/V desk

I was snooping around the A/V desk at the RCAV One Conference that was held last Saturday at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and came across one interesting piece of equipment that I didn’t really recognize. It turned out to be a PerfectCue receiver, identified by the convenient markings on the rear of the unit that I was facing.  So I proceeded to look up more information about this little unit.

A PerfectCue Mini receiver and remote control

And it turned out that it was also the same system that Steve Jobs (and Apple in general) used in his keynote presentations!

Steve Job’s clicker

Before the black clicker, there was a blue clicker.  I’ve been following Steve’s keynote presentations since around the time I got my MacBook Pro in 2009.  His presentation style is definitely something that can be learned from.


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