Streaming audio from a Mac to another computer using VLC

I have a wireless headphone set plugged in to my desktop computer in my living room. However, sometimes I would like to play some audio from my Mac laptop (which could be anywhere in my apartment).

VLC is a very popular program for playing pretty much any type of media under the sun. However, it has a lot of advanced functionality that many people may not know about. One of these is that VLC can send audio as a stream.

This post describes setting up a computer to computer audio stream using VLC.

Respecting dual left turn lanes

Dual left turn lanes increase the left turn flow for busy roads, however also increases the chance of people doing unpredictable things. This isn’t the first time I’ve captured issues with dual left turn lanes. Last year I also captured someone cutting me off from the inside to outside lane at the same intersection. (coincidentally they are both dark coloured Range Rovers. Hmm.) When making a dual left turn lane, especially if you are the first person in line, please follow the guiding lane markers. And as a general learning point, always be aware of the other drivers around you Continue Reading

Upgrading memory on a Synology ds415+

I’ve had my Synology Diskstation ds415+ network attached storage device since late 2015, replacing my custom FreeNAS box. It came with 2GB of RAM, which is fine for basic file serving, but limited when running multiple applications, including Docker containers. Once applications start swapping onto the hard disks, everything starts grinding to a halt. I finally reached the breaking point on this last night when I had to reboot the NAS once more.

COVID-19: Thoughts from working from home for 6 weeks

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way many around the world live their lives over the recent months. For us in the Vancouver/British Columbia area, it has been about a month and half since we have had significant measures in place to reduce the spread of the virus.

In this post I will go over the changes that have affected me, and things that I have found worked well.

Richmond driver on the wrong side of the median

Not sure where they were trying to go, it seemed like they weren’t even aware they were going the wrong way until I turned into the lane. I’m not sure what a concrete lesson to be learned here would be as I didn’t see how the driver got into this lane; I guess it would be to be aware of the road in front of you or where you are turning into. From my end, it would be to also keep scanning the road past the turn for any obstacles.