And it starts all over again…

It feels like September again, except I know where the buildings are.  Time to memorize a new timetable and remember not to follow the old timetable.  Can’t say much about the courses yet, after attending only the first class.
New Year’s Resolution: Sleep earlier, wake up earlier.

I cross-post my blog on Xanga and now also on Facebook because everybody seems to be addicted to it now :P.  I wonder what will be next…hopefully not MySpace.


4 thoughts on “And it starts all over again…

  1. Leftblank said:
    Use your own web hosting, even better than those cheap-looking free profile sites

    Agreed. You can do much more with personal blogs, than crappy MySpace or Live Spaces.
    Get hosting and a wordpress blog, and what more could you ask for? (besides a MyBB Forum to go with it :P)

    Dr Small

  2. Nice, your doing a BD of Computer Science. I need to get a UAI of 75 here in Australia to proceed to university so i can enter that degree.

    I AM planning to get that mark and do a Bd in comp science, hope im as successful in entering as you are.

    BTW, what marks did you receive to be eligible to enter that course?

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