Shaw Upgrades Internet Speed

My ISP, Shaw Cable, is upgrading the internet speed of their plans.  The plan we’re on is getting a speed boost from 5Mb/s to 7.5Mb/s.  Also, they are adding the “PowerBoost” technology free on our accounts which boosts download speed double for the first 10MB of the download. We have great news for you! Shaw is committed to bringing you the very best products and services, and that includes the FASTEST Internet at the best value. As a result we are making significant upgrades to our network in your area which will allow us to increase your Shaw High-Speed Internet Continue Reading

“Fastest In Canada”

I was just looking at Shaw’s website earlier and found out that Shaw unveiled a new high speed internet option Shaw High-Speed Nitro Internet (now they have 4) some time late last year. It costs about $100 per month, and you get 25 Mbps down, 1Mbps up, 150GB of monthly bandwidth. Are we gaining on the Swedish?